Dia-Netics builds custom, precision coils, bobbins and temperature sensors.

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Dia-Netics, Inc.

Do you need thin-wall Kapton bobbins, Kapton/Teflon Bobbins, wire wound coils, and/or components?

Dia-Netics has the engineering expertise to develop the coils you need. And we can produce the wire wound coils and components you want.

Dia-Netics can:

  • Carry out the complete development of new products.
  • Produce all wire wound coils and components, complete them and test the components.
  • Carry out computer data acquisition of electrical and temperature test and calibration requirements.
  • Provide precision, high reliability .003 thin wall Kapton/Teflon bobbins, both custom and standard.
  • Give you high quality at competitive prices.

We design and produce:

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